Journal of Earth Sciences & Environmental Studies

ISSN: 2472-6397

Impact Factor: 1.135


Page Number: 609-653

Review DOI: 10.25177/JESES.4.3.RA.471

Urban sediment contamination with heavy metals and organic matter in Southern China

page: 648- 653
Research DOI: 10.25177/JESES.4.3.RA.480

A novel fungus strain (Isaria cicadae GZU6722) with high potential of bioflocculation

page: 638- 647
Research DOI: 10.25177/JESES.4.3.RA.507

Impacts of Sugar mill's Effluent on soil and Plant's Seed Germination, Punjab, Pakistan

page: 623- 637
Research DOI: 10.25177/JESES.4.3.RA.505

The effects of CO2 and NH3/NOx emission from private vehicles to commute school on smog in Beijing and solutions

page: 617- 622

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