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Page No: 35-39

Vortex induced flower-like Ni-Co coating by a hydrothermal approach


Yong Zhang, Vortex induced flower-like Ni-Co coating by a hydrothermal approach(2018)SDRP Journal Of Nanotechnology & Material Science 1(1)


Flower-like Ni-Co coating was deposited on copper substrate by a hydrothermal approach. Detailed experimental result revealed that, the achieved Ni-Co coating exhibited flower-like morphology. During sliding wear tests, the volume loss of Ni-Co coating was 20.4 % of copper substrate, obviously increasing the wear properties of copper substrate. During hydrothermal reactions, convective flows existed. Moreover, water jets were produced by bubble collapse. Interaction of convective flows and water jets resulted in vortex flows. Driven by the flowing force of helical vortex, Ni and Co plates were assembled to flower-like Ni-Co architectures.

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