AProf Val Hooper

Contact Information

Associate Professor of Information Systems., School of Information Management, Victoria University of Wellington

Area Of Interest

Val's research focuses on the strategic alignment between IS and business, and the impact of that alignment on business performance. She is also exploring the impact of IS on productivity. Further research interests embrace “the dark side of IT”, which includes cybersecurity, online gambling, online auctions, the addictiveness of IT, and the development of online social networking behavioural norms. Val often employs a dyadic perspective in her research and is equally at home conducting either quantitative or qualitative research.


Val has been lecturing for over a decade in diverse areas including Information Systems Management; Electronic commerce; Brand Management; Economics (Micro and Macro); Strategic Management; Marketing Management; Research Methodology; Consumer and Buyer Behaviour; Marketing Communications; and Marketing Information Systems. She has also practised widely as a management and specialist consultant with clients emanating from a range of industries including industrial engineering, agricultural engineering, a university consortium, the tertiary education sector, a national health research council, the tobacco industry, the hair care industry, national bakeries, the retail sector, and national fruit exporting. Since 2011 Val has served as the Chair of the Professors and Heads of Information Systems in New Zealand (PHIS-NZ). She is a member of the Education Committee of Imitatio Inc, an organisation focusing on mimetic theory and funded by Peter Thiel. In 2008 she was awarded a Vice-Chancellor’s Strategic Research Scholarship with Judy Brown of SACL, and in 2004 she won a VUW Teaching Excellence Award.

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