Feng Jiao , Ph.D.

Feng Jiao , Ph.D.

Designation:   Assistant Professor

Contact Information:   Assistant Professor., Chemical and Biomolecular Engineering, Center for Catalytic Science & Technology, University of Delaware

Area Of Interest

The Jiao laboratory combines catalysis, materials science and electrochemistry, and by doing so is able to address the exciting and critical scientific challenges that occur in the field of energy conversion and storage. Breakthrough in this field is crucial to tackle global warming by providing the society with clean, sustainable, and nvironmental friendly energy solutions.
Our current
research interests include:
heterogeneous catalysis, electroc atalysis ,nanomaterials, computational modeling


Dr. Feng Jiao has received his PhD in Chemistry, University of St. Andrews during the period of 2008. Currently, he is working as Assistant Professor of Chemical Engineering in University of Delaware. He has authored Nanostructured MnO2: an efficient and robust water oxidation catalyst, Nanostructured cobalt and manganese oxide clusters as efficient water oxidation catalysts research articles.