Prof H Shivananda Murthy

Prof H Shivananda Murthy

Designation:   Professor & Head

Contact Information:   Professor & Head, Department of Aquaculture & Former Director of Extension, College of Fisheries, Mangalore 575002, India

Area Of Interest

Fisheries Sciences


Educational Qualifications Bachelor Degree in Fisheries Science (B.F.Sc.) - 4 years duration) with 84.8% marks during 1979, from the College of Fisheries, Mangalore, University of Agricultural Sciences, Bangalore. Masters Degree in Fisheries Science (M.F.Sc.) in Fish Production and Management (89.6% marks (3.46/4.00) with specialization in Aquaculture from the same Institution during 1989. Thesis title: Utility of three floating aquatic weeds as feeds for carps. Doctorate (Ph. D.) in Aquaculture (94.6% marks, 3.86/4.00) from the College of Fisheries, Mangalore, University of Agricultural Sciences, Bangalore during 1994. Thesis title: Studies on quantitative amino acid requirements of the Indian major carp, Labeo rohita Overseas Fellowship Research Attachment and Assignment in “Aquaculture Nutrition & Biotechnology” at the Institute of Aquaculture, University of Stirling , UK, for six months (1993-04). Overseas Fellowship Research Attachment and Assignment in “Aquaculture Biotechnology” at the Texas A & M University, Texas, USA, for three months (2005-06). Overseas Fellowship Research Attachment and Assignment in “Aquaculture Biotechnology” at the University of Santiago de Compostella, Lugo, Spain (2013). A.?Research Engaged in active research in aquaculture and fisheries in the past 30 years. Operated 12 major externally funded projects as Principal Investigator. Established 1 million capacity freshwater prawn hatchery for research, training and seed production purpose. Developed and released improved hatchery technology on freshwater prawn for commercialization. Experience in sustainable aquaculture practices, breeding and hatchery management and fisheries management transfer of technology and outreach research. Carried out outstanding research in nutrition, feed technology & feeding of carps, prawns, shrimps, catfish and freshwater prawn larval rearing. Evaluated the utility of few aquatic weeds in the formulated feeds for Indian major carps. Investigated the qualitative and quantitative dietary requirements of essential amino acids for the Indian major carps. Worked on larval nutrition and hatchery management of freshwater prawn and developed cost effective enrichment technology of Artemia and rotifers and efficient inert larval diets. Developed a closed recirculatory system with three stage biological filter for indoor aquaculture studies. Achieved a break through in breeding and larval rearing of giant freshwater prawn, M. rosenbergii first time in Karnataka with the self designed airlift recirculatory system equipment with a biological filter. Carried out research work in sustainable management of fisheries, conservation of fish and shell fish and in aquatic environment and management. Instrumental in developing a “Fisheries Research Unit” with research facility in the UAS campus, Dharwad in 1980-82. Involved in water quality and disease management work on carps and freshwater prawn. Worked on use of probiotics & immunostimulants in aquaculture to enhance growth and disease resistance in prawn and carps. Immune enhancing properties identified in HUFAs, ?-glucan, brewers yeast, chitin, nucleotides and other biomolecules and compounds. Supervised 26 post graduate students (M.F.Sc. & Ph.D.) as major research guide/advisor in their research work leading to high quality theses. Recognizing the outstanding contributions in research and development in aquaculture and fisheries, received few intentional/national and state level awards and recognitions. About 40% of time is devoted for research work. Technologies Developed: 1. Improved hatchery technology of freshwater prawn 2. Enrichment technology of Artemia as an efficient larval diet 3. Polyculture of freshwater prawn with Indian carps 4. Cost effective diets for carps and prawn replacing fish meal 5. Self-designed indoor recirculating system equipped with multistage biological filters