Roger Saint-Fort, Ph.D., P.Ag.

Contact Information

Environmental Chemist, Chair, Environmental Science Department, Mount Royal University, Calgary

Area Of Interest

Dr, Saint-Fort research activity includes drilling waste, remediation, water quality, landfill technology and sites reclamation. As a research scientist, Dr. Saint-Fort has many years of laboratory experiment investigating the fate and behavior of contaminants as well as their risk management options in the natural ecosystem. Dr. Saint-Fort has authored numerous technical and scientific publications. My current research activities investigate chemical innovative approach for remediating NAPL in soil and groundwater, application of electro-coagulation and nano bubble technology to reclaim flow back from hydraulic fracturing and other wastewater streams, and development of cost-effective and sustainable drinking water systems for third world countries.


B.Sc. Soil Science, U of Manitoba M.Sc. Environmental Chemistry, Laval University Ph.D. Environmental Chemistry, U of Nebraska,

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