[Diabetic papillopathy after intensification of insulin therapy: A case report].


Service d'endocrinologie, hôpital La Rabta, faculté de médecine de Tunis, université Tunis, El Manar, Tunisie. Electronic address: [Email]


BACKGROUND : Diabetic papillopathy is a rare ocular complication of diabetes. Its pathophysiology is not well known. It is a unilateral or bilateral optic disc edema with variable degrees of visual loss.
METHODS : A 66-year-old woman, with a twelve years old type 2 diabetes mellitus, suddenly presented a unilateral decreased vision. Her ocular examination was normal eight months earlier. Ocular examination, radiological investigations and laboratory analysis were conclusive of diabetic papillopathy. Medical history revealed a recent rapid improvement of blood glucose control after intensification of insulin therapy. A visual acuity improvement with spontaneous regression of papillary edema was observed.
CONCLUSIONS : There is a risk of diabetic papillopathy associated with the rapid control of blood glucose levels after intensification of insulin therapy, even in diabetic patients without known retinopathy.


Acuité visuelle,Diabète de type 2,HbA1c,Insulin,Insuline,Papilledema,Type 2 diabetes mellitus,Visual acuity,Œdème papillaire,