A New Approach for Glyco-Functionalization of Collagen-Based Biomaterials.


Department of Biotechnology and Biosciences, University of Milano-Bicocca, 20126 Milan, Italy. [Email]


The cell microenvironment plays a pivotal role in mediating cell adhesion, survival, and proliferation in physiological and pathological states. The relevance of extracellular matrix (ECM) proteins in cell fate control is an important issue to take into consideration for both tissue engineering and cell biology studies. The glycosylation of ECM proteins remains, however, largely unexplored. In order to investigate the physio-pathological effects of differential ECM glycosylation, the design of affordable chemoselective methods for ECM components glycosylation is desirable. We will describe a new chemoselective glycosylation approach exploitable in aqueous media and on non-protected substrates, allowing rapid access to glyco-functionalized biomaterials.


ECM mimetics,biofunctionalization,cell fate,glyco-microenvironment,tissue engineering,