A coumarin based highly sensitive fluorescent chemosensor for selective detection of zinc ion.


Department of Chemistry, University of Isfahan, 81746-73441 Isfahan, Iran. Electronic address: [Email]


A very effective and highly sensitive fluorescent chemosensor, based on 4-hydroxycoumarin skeleton substituted by benzothiazole moiety was synthesized and investigated for the detection of zinc ion. This chemosensor displays highly selective and sensitive fluorescence enhancement to Zn2+ over other metal ions examined in solution and in biological systems. The detection limit for the fluorescent chemosensor 1 toward Zn2+ was 3.58 × 10-8 M. A simple and efficient approach was improved for the synthesis of chemosensor 1 starting from 4-hydroxycoumarin.


Benzothiazole,Chemosensor,Coumarin,Fluorescent,Zinc ion,