A quasi-ballistic drain current, charge and capacitance model with positional carrier scattering dependency valid for symmetric DG MOSFETs in nanoscale regime.


Department of Electronics & Communication Engineering, SDM College of Engineering and Technology, Dharwad, Karnataka, India. [Email]


This paper presents a physically valid quasi-ballistic drain current model applicable for nanoscale symmetric Double Gate (SDG) MOSFETs. The proposed drain current model includes both diffusive and ballistic transport phenomena. The model considers the important positional carrier scattering dependency effect near the source region described in terms of transmission and reflection co-efficients related to the scattering theory. The significance of carrier transport near the bottleneck source region is illustrated where the carriers diffuse into the channel at a relatively lower velocity before accelerating ballistically. The results obtained demonstrate carrier scattering dependency at the critical layer defined near the low field source region on the drain current characteristics. The proposed model partly evolves from Natori's ballistic bulk MOSFET model that is modified accordingly to be valid for a symmetric Double Gate MOSFET in the nanoscale regime. Carrier degeneracy and Fermi-Dirac statistics are included in the work so as to justify the complete physicality of the model. The model is further extended and is shown to be continuous in terms of terminal charges and capacitances in all regions of operation. A comparative analysis is also done between the proposed quasi-ballistic model and a hypothetical complete ballistic device.


Ballistic transport,Drift–diffusion,Quasi-ballistic,SDG MOSFETs,Scattering,