Analysis of Determinants of Readiness for Professional Development Among Polish Nurses.


Institute of Nursing and Health Sciences, Faculty of Medicine, University of Rzeszow, 35-959 Rzeszow, Poland. [Email]


The continuous development of medical sciences and the introduction of new diagnostic methods and treatment with the use of specialized equipment means that the knowledge and skills acquired during university studies are no longer sufficient. This obliges nursing staff to raise their professional qualifications in order to provide the appropriate quality of medical services. The aim of the study was an analysis of nurses readiness for learning and development and factors determining this readiness. The study was conducted among 756 nurses. The questionnaire method adopted was the readiness of employees for learning and development (RELD) standardized questionnaire, and a questionnaire containing sociodemographic data of the respondents. For the subscales of readiness for learning and development, average results were predominant and concerned in particular the level of openness to changes in environment (A1 scale), and self-evaluation of past educational development (C5 scale). The readiness of the nurses examined to learn and develop was on an average level for all the subscales. Younger nurses, with a lower seniority, having higher education and additional qualifications had a higher readiness for learning and development.


lifelong learning,nursing staff,professional development,readiness,

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