Association of uncoupling protein-2 -866G/A and Ala55Val polymorphisms with susceptibility to type 2 diabetes mellitus: A meta-analysis of case-control studies.


Xu L(1)(2), Chen S(3), Zhan L(1).
Author information:
(1)School of Traditional Chinese Medicine & School of Integrated Chinese and Western Medicine, Nanjing University of Chinese Medicine.
(2)Xishanqiao Community Health Service Center of Yuhuatai.
(3)Hospital of Integrated Traditional Chinese and Western Medicine Affiliated to Nanjing University of Chinese Medicine, Nanjing, Jiangsu, China.


BACKGROUND: Recently, the relationships between uncoupling protein-2 (UCP2) -866G/A (rs659366) and Ala55Val (rs660339) polymorphisms and the risk of type 2 diabetes mellitus (T2DM) have been explored considerably, but the results are greatly inconsistent. This meta-analysis was performed to further identify the association of UCP2 rs659366 and rs660339 with the risk of T2DM. METHODS: Eligible studies were searched from PubMed, Embase, Cochrane Library, VIP database, Chinese National Knowledge Infrastructure, and Chinese WanFang database until March 8, 2020. The odds ratios with corresponding 95% confidence intervals (CIs), and P-values were used to assess the strength of the association. RESULTS: A total of 26 studies were included in this study. UCP2 rs659366 was associated with the risk of T2DM in allele model (OR: 1.112, 95%CI: 1.009-1.224, P = 0.032), dominant model (OR: 1.189, 95%CI: 1.035-1.366, P = 0.014), and heterozygous model (OR: 1.177, 95%CI: 1.032-1.342, P = .015). A significantly increased risk of T2DM was detected in Asians by UCP2 rs659366 allele (OR: 1.132, 95%CI: 1.016-1.262, P = .025), dominant (OR: 1.218, 95%CI: 1.046-1.418, P = .011), homozygous (OR: 1.254, 95%CI: 1.022-1.540, P = .031) or heterozygous (OR: 1.198, 95%CI: 1.047-1.371, P = .009) models. There was no significant correlation between UCP2 rs660339 and the risk of T2DM (P>.05). CONCLUSIONS: The UCP2 rs65366 is significantly associated with the risk of T2DM, especially in Asian population, while no evidence is found between the UCP2 rs660339 and the susceptibility to T2DM.