B-Doped core-shell Fe@BC nanozymes: active site identification and bacterial inhibition.


Jiang X (1), Liu K , Li Q , Liu M , Yang M , Chen X .
Author information:
(1)Hunan Provincial Key Laboratory of Micro & Nano Materials Interface Science, College of Chemistry and Chemical Engineering, Central South University, Changsha, 410083, China. [Email]


The rational design of nanozymes as new "antibiotics" for bacterial therapy is a promising area in healthcare. Herein, B-doped core-shell Fe@BC nanozymes functioned with peroxidase-like activity for bacterial inhibition were studied. Experimental and theoretical results show that the BCO2 site enables a much lower energy barrier than the BC2O site, with a positive correlation between the density and activity of BCO2. The enzyme-like and positively-charged properties of core-shell Fe@BC improve the production and utilization of ˙OH to efficiently kill bacteria. This study not only highlights a promising peroxidase mimic for hygiene management but also deepens the understanding of B-doped carbon nanozymes.