Bilateral acute iris depigmentation and bilateral acute iris transillumination syndrome.


Servicio de Oftalmología, Sección General, Hospital Universitario Virgen del Rocío, Sevilla, España. Electronic address: [Email]


The case is presented of a 32 year-old male who arrived with acute bilateral symptoms with blurred vision, red eye, severe photophobia and severe ocular pain after suffering from a flu-like syndrome. The patient presented with a clinical picture of bilateral involvement characterised by pupils in mid-mydriasis, scarcely reactive to light, iris transillumination, diffuse depigmentation of the iridian stroma, pigment dispersion in the anterior chamber, and ocular hypertension. After the eye examination an inflammatory syndrome and pigmentary glaucoma were ruled out. The patient showed depigmentation characteristics as well as bilateral iris transillumination. Both conditions could form part of the spectrum of the same disease.


Despigmentación de iris,Dispersión pigmentaria,Intraocular pressure,Iris depigmentation,Iris transillumination,Masquerade syndromes,Pigment dispersion,Presión intraocular,Síndromes de enmascaramiento,Transiluminación de iris,Uveitis,Uveítis,

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