Cell-line characterization by infrared-induced pyroelectric effect.


Department of Health Sciences, University "Magna Græcia" of Catanzaro, 88100, Catanzaro, Italy. Electronic address: [Email]


Evaluation of cellular thermodynamics has recently received a high interest because of its implication in many mechanisms related with function, structure and health of cells. Recent literature reported significant efforts to provide affordable intracellular thermal components of absorption, such as thermal conductivity, to overcome the lack of experimental data. Herein, we provide lines of evidence towards the fabrication of an electronic system, using a rapid thermoelectric technique based on infrared-induced pyroelectric effect for in-vitro cell model characterization. Results demonstrated that the assessment of the average single cell thermal conductivity, sample concentration, and information on cell viability is possible over a wide concentration range. The proposed electronic system establishes a different analysis paradigm if compared to those reported in the literature, with consistent results, demonstrating that the adopted technique can provide cell-specific information and knowledge, closely linked to cell viability and its vital functions.


Biological cell characterization,Cellular biophysics,Counting circuits,Pyroelectric sensor,Sensor phenomena and characterization,Thermal factors,Thin film devices,