Cerebral microbleeds: Prevalence and relationship to amyloid burden.


From the Departments of Neurology (J.G.-R., H.B., A.A.R., K.D.F., R.D.B., M.M.M., R.O.R., D.S.K., R.C.P.), Radiology (J.L.G., J.H., G.M.P., M.L.S., V.J.L., P.V., C.R.J., K.K.), and Health Sciences Research (S.A.P., T.L., M.M.M., R.O.R., W.K.), Mayo Clinic, Rochester, MN. [Email]


To describe the prevalence of cerebral microbleeds (CMBs) and determine the association between CMBs and β-amyloid burden on PET.