Clinical significance of circulatory microRNA-203 in serum as novel potential diagnostic marker for multiple myeloma.


Department of Biochemistry, All India Institute of Medical Sciences (AIIMS), New Delhi, 110029, India. [Email]


OBJECTIVE : Multiple myeloma (MM) is a hematological malignancy marked by uncontrolled proliferation and accumulation of plasma cells in bone marrow. Despite presence of numerous diagnostic markers for MM, their invasive and non-specific nature demands identification of some effective biomarker. Small non-coding RNAs, i.e., microRNAs being secreted out in circulation could depict the change in homeostasis. Earlier, we reported diagnostic potential of a proteoglycan, Versican (VCAN) in MM, hence, VCAN linked cell-free microRNAs have been explored to study their diagnostic involvement in MM.
METHODS : Biopsy proven MM patients and controls were recruited. The relative microRNA expression of VCAN linked microRNAs (miR-143, miR-144, miR-199, and miR-203) along with levels of VCAN have been investigated in bone marrow supernatant fluid (BMSF) and blood serum and their correlation were done with clinico-pathological parameters. The diagnostic potential was assessed using ROC curve.
RESULTS : Relative microRNA expression of all microRNAs was found significantly lower in MM patients in both BMSF and serum while VCAN levels were substantially higher in patients. VCAN levels showed positive trend while microRNAs expression showed negative trend with severity of disease. miR-203 showed significant correlation with myeloma-associated parameters and also showed optimum sensitivity and specificity for diagnosis of MM in serum.
CONCLUSIONS : Downregulation of cell-free microRNAs illustrates their importance in MM. The negative trend of microRNAs with disease progression suggests their diagnostic significance. Correlation of miR-203 with myeloma clinical parameters along with optimum sensitivity and specificity affirms its non-invasive diagnostic potential in MM which could further be validated in larger patient cohort.


Diagnostic marker,Multiple myeloma,Versican,miR-143,miR-144,miR-199,miR-203,

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