Common pattern of distribution for Mesoamerican Triatoma dimidiata suggest geological and ecological association.


Patricia Landaverde-González


Laboratorio de Entomología Aplicada y Parasitología -LENAP-, Escuela de Biología, Facultad de Farmacia, Universidad de San Carlos de Guatemala. Guatemala, Guatemala. Electronic address: [Email]


The phylogeny of the Triatoma dimidiata complex has been widely assessed with different genetic and morphological data, which has allowed to reach the consensus that the complex consists of at least three taxonomic units. However, these taxonomic units seem to have a distribution related to geography throughout Mesoamerica, with different groupings depending on the source of information used. In the present study, we aimed to determine if there is a common biogeographical, genetic and phenetic distribution pattern among the T. dimidiata species in Mesoamerica and if this pattern is related to ecological and geological variability of the region. We found that panbiogeographical analysis showed three generalized tracks that coincide with genetic/phenetic data which showed a general pattern of distribution in two big clusters to the north and south of Mesoamerica. We also found that these clusters were significantly related to geological tectonic plates and ecotypes. We conclude that the geological history may be a plausible explanation for the greater differentiation observed in the T. dimidiata complex, but that the current ecological characteristics of the morphotectonic units or ecotypes may be responsible for the additional variation observed and therefore differential control strategies for each cluster considering geological history and ecotype should be used. Further, more detailed biogeographical and landscape genetic analyses are necessary with the goal to elucidate T. dimidiata differentiation related with ecological and geological variables in the region and the possible epidemiological and evolutionary consequences.


Genetic and phenetic differentiation,Mayan and Chortí geological tectonic plate,Morphotectonic units,Sylvatic and domestic ecotypes,

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