[Complementary and alternative medicines in cancer patients].


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Complementary and alternative medicines (CAMs) play more and more a significant role both in France and all over the world. Yet, their definition and their role in cancer treatments legitimately raise concerns. This article aims at establishing a picture of the CAMs admitted by the French Medical Board as well as those which are new or in common medical practices in France. We start with a brief reminder of their origin, their status and how they are used. Then, we review the literature about some of the best clinical trials using CAMs in cancer patients. To finish, we try to understand what makes CAMs so thrilling, but also why they create controversy and which common points they may have with conventional medicine.


Assessment of practices,Cancer,Cancérologie,Complementary and alternative medicines,Level of evidence,Literature review,Médecines alternatives complémentaires,Niveau de preuve,Pratique de soins non conventionnelle,Revue de littérature,Soins de support,Supportive care,Unconventional care practices,Évaluation de pratiques,

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