Computerized Navigation for Minimal Invasive Retrieval of Displaced Dental Implants in the Lower Jaw.


Department of Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery, Hebrew University Hadassah Medical Center, PO Box 12272, Jerusalem 91120, Israel. Electronic address: [Email]


Displaced dental implants in the mandible may constitute a clinical challenge for both physicians and patients. The complex anatomy of the floor of the mouth, together with its subsequent violation due to implant displacement makes implant allocation and retrieval a challenging procedure. Computerized navigation surgery (CNS) has been previously described and proved successful in various surgical modalities. In this article, the authors present a recommended protocol for the use of CNS for the retrieval of displaced dental implants in the mandible and describe the workflow through the stages of diagnosis, preoperative surgical planning, and the surgical procedure.


Computerized navigation surgery,Displaced dental implants,Minimally invasive,