Creation of Colonic Anastomosis in Mice.


Department of Surgery, University of Oklahoma Health Sciences Center; [Email]


Intestinal anastomoses are commonly performed in both elective and emergent operations. Even so, anastomotic leaks are a highly feared complications of colonic surgeries and can occur in up to 26% of surgical anastomoses, with mortality being up to 39% for patients with such a leak. Currently, there remains a paucity of data detailing the cellular mechanisms of anastomotic healing. Devising preventative strategies and treatment modalities for anastomotic leak could be greatly potentiated by a better understanding of appropriate anastomotic healing. A murine model is ideal as previous studies have shown that the murine anastomosis is the most clinically similar to the human case as compared with other animal models. We offer an easily reproducible murine model of colonic anastomosis in mice that will allow for further illustration of anastomotic healing.