[Development and implementation of Single Reference Laboratory Testing Directory, as the basis for the digitalization of the laboratory service of Moscow].


Research Institute for Healthcare Organization and Medical Management of Moscow Healthcare Department, 115088, Moscow, Russia, [Email]


Authors considered the possibilities and limitations of EMIAS implementation in the laboratory service of the city of Moscow on the example of the development and implementation of an integrated Single Reference Laboratory Testing Directory (SRLTD). The article describes the analytical and methodological work performed to systematize the nomenclature when creating the directory. The advantages of SRLTD are assessed: new opportunities for further digitalization of the city's laboratory service, streamlining of medical documentation, convenience in obtaining laboratory data from doctors and patients, and the expected economic effect.


Clinical Diagnostic Laboratory,Moscow City Fund of Compulsory Medical Insurance,Single Reference Laboratory Testing Directory (SRLTD),United Medical and Informational Analytical System of Moscow (EMIAS),centralized laboratory service,laboratory tests,medical organization,

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