Diaqua-β-octaferrocenyltetraphenylporphyrin: a multiredox-active and air-stable 16π non-aromatic species.


Chemnitz University of Technology, Inorganic Chemistry, Strasse der Nationen 62, 09111 Chemnitz, Germany. [Email]


Herein the synthesis and properties of the first β-octaferrocenyltetraphenylporphyrin, {TPPFc8(H2O)2}, in its extraordinary stable and non-aromatic 16π form are reported, showing seven separate reversible redox events. As oxidation progresses, the neighbouring ferrocenyls of the pyrrole subunits display moderate electronic coupling, while electron transfer along the 16π porphyrin cycle was, due to its non-aromatic nature, not observed.

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