EOM-CC guide to Fock-space travel: the C2 edition.


Department of Chemistry, University of Southern California, Los Angeles, California 90089, USA. [Email]


Despite their small size, C2 species pose big challenges to electronic structure methods, owing to extensive electronic degeneracies and multi-configurational wave functions, which lead to a dense manifold of electronic states. We present detailed electronic structure calculations of C2, C2-, and C22-, emphasizing spectroscopically relevant properties. We employ the double ionization potential (DIP) and ionization potential (IP) variants of the equation-of-motion coupled-cluster method with single and double substitutions (EOM-CCSD) and a dianionic reference state. We show that EOM-CCSD is capable of describing multiple interacting states in C2 and C2- in an accurate, robust, and effective way. We also characterize the electronic structure of C22-, which is metastable with respect to electron detachment.

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