Early outcomes of gastrostomy feeding in paediatric allogenic bone marrow transplantation: A retrospective cohort study.


Department of Nutrition and Dietetics, Great Ormond Street Hospital for Children, Great Ormond Street, London WC1N 3JH, UK; School of Health Sciences, City, University of London, Northampton Square, London EC1V 0HB, UK. Electronic address: [Email]


Nutrition support is an essential component of care for a child undergoing bone marrow transplantation (BMT). Enteral nutrition (EN) is becoming increasingly recognised as having advantages over parenteral nutrition (PN) and recommended as first-line nutrition support. EN has traditionally been provided via nasogastric tube (NGT). Gastrostomies avoid certain complications associated with NGTs and could provide a preferential alternative.


Bone marrow transplantation,Enteral nutrition,Gastrostomy,Nutritional status,Paediatric,Parenteral nutrition,

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