Emulsifying properties of high methoxyl pectins in binary systems of water-ethanol.


Research and Development Center of Food Proteins, School of Food Science and Engineering, Guangdong Province Key Laboratory for Green Processing of Natural Products and Product Safety, South China University of Technology, Guangzhou, 510640, PR China. Electronic address: [Email]


Pectin is widely distributed in plant cell wall, most of which have limited emulsifying properties. Ethanol could alter the solubility of pectin, and affect its emulsifying properties. No creaming and breaking of emulsion appeared in 21% (v/v) ethanol contained emulsion. This project investigated the influence of ethanol (0%-35%, v/v) on conformation and emulsifying properties of pectin. Results shown that ethanol could reduce the helix conformation and zeta potential of pectin chain, which leading to compact conformation and enhanced interaction among pectin molecules. Although emulsion droplet diameter increased with ethanol content, the most stable emulsion was found in 21% (v/v) ethanol. CLSM also indicated over-aggregated pectin have a poor adsorption capacity on the interface of O/W. All results manifested the emulsifying properties of pectin can be improved by 21% (v/v) ethanol. This study provides a new strategy to improve the emulsifying property of pectin by changing its conformation.


Ethanol,High methoxyl pectins,Interface adsorption,Pectin conformation,

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