Enantioselective Synthesis of the Ethyl Analog of the Marine Alkaloid Haliclorensin C.


Laboratory of Organic Chemistry, Department of Pharmacology, Toxicology, and Therapeutic Chemistry, Faculty of Pharmacy and Food Sciences, and Institute of Biomedicine (IBUB), University of Barcelona, 08028 Barcelona, Spain. [Email]


The enantioselective synthesis (3.7% overall yield in nine steps from 2) and biological screening of the ethyl analog of the macrocyclic marine alkaloid haliclorensin C (compound 5) are reported. Amino alcohol 3, generated by a LiNH₂BH₃-promoted reductive ring-opening/debenzylation sequence from phenylglycinol-derived lactam 2, was used as the starting chiral linear building block. Incorporation of the undecene chain via the nosyl derivative 12, methylenation of the pentanol moiety, and a ring-closing metathesis are the key steps of the synthesis.


alkaloids,amino alcohols,enantioselective synthesis,macrocycle,reduction,ring opening,

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