Establishing authenticity of honey via comprehensive Romanian honey analysis.


National Research & Development Institute for Cryogenics and Isotopic Technologies - ICSI Rm. Valcea, 4th Uzinei Street, 240050 Rm. Valcea, Romania. Electronic address: [Email]


Assessing the authenticity of honey is a serious problem that has gained much interest internationally because honey has frequently been subject to various fraudulent practices, including mislabelling of botanical and geographical origin and mixing with sugar syrups or honey of lower quality. To protect the health of consumers and avoid competition, which could create an unstable market, consumers, beekeepers and regulatory bodies are interested in having reliable analytical methodologies to detect non-compliant honey. This paper gives an overview of the different approaches used to assess the authenticity of honey, specifically by the application of advanced instrumental techniques, including spectrometric, spectroscopic and chromatographic methods coupled with chemometric interpretation of the data. Recent development in honey analysis and application of the honey authentication process in the Romanian context are highlighted, and future trends in the process of detecting and eliminating fraudulent practices in honey production are discussed.


Adulteration,Analytical methods,Botanical and geographical origins,Chemometrics,Honey authentication,Sugar syrups,

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