Extended Codebook with Multispectral Sequences for Background Subtraction.


Connaissance et Intelligence Artificielle Distribuées (CIAD), University Bourgogne Franche-Comté, UTBM, F-90010 Belfort, France. [Email]


: The Codebook model is one of the popular real-time models for background subtraction. In this paper, we first extend it from traditional Red-Green-Blue (RGB) color model to multispectral sequences. A self-adaptive mechanism is then designed based on the statistical information extracted from the data themselves, with which the performance has been improved, in addition to saving time and effort to search for the appropriate parameters. Furthermore, the Spectral Information Divergence is introduced to evaluate the spectral distance between the current and reference vectors, together with the Brightness and Spectral Distortion. Experiments on five multispectral sequences with different challenges have shown that the multispectral self-adaptive Codebook model is more capable of detecting moving objects than the corresponding RGB sequences. The proposed research framework opens a door for future works for applying multispectral sequences in moving object detection.


background subtraction,codebook,multispectral sequences,self-adaptive,spectral information divergence,

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