Extended Target Tracking and Feature Estimation for Optical Sensors Based on the Gaussian Process.


Institute of Systems Engineering, AMS, PLA, Beijing 100141, China. [Email]


A problem of tracking surface shape-shifting extended target by using gray scale pixels on optical image is considered. The measurement with amplitude information (AI) is available to the proposed method. The target is regarded as a convex hemispheric object, and the amplitude distribution of the extended target is represented by a solid radial function. The Gaussian process (GP) is applied and the covariance function of GP is modified to fit the convex hemispheric shape. The points to be estimated on the target surface are selected reasonably in the hemispheric space at the azimuth and pitch directions. Analytical representation of the estimated target extent is provided and the recursive process is implemented by the extended Kalman filter (EKF). In order to demonstrate the algorithm's ability of tracking complex shaped targets, a trailing target characterized by two feature parameters is simulated and the two feature parameters are extracted with the estimated points. The simulations verify the validity of the proposed method with compared to classical algorithms.


Gaussian process,amplitude information,extended target tracking,target feature estimation,