Gene dosage of DAX-1, determining in sexual differentiation: duplication of DAX-1 in two sisters with gonadal dysgenesis.


Instituto de Genética Humana, Facultad de Medicina, Pontificia Universidad Javeriana, Cra 7 No. 40-62, Bogotá, 110231, Colombia. [Email]


Two sisters phenotypically normal females, presenting with tumor abdominal mass with histopathological findings of teratoma and gonadoblastoma associated to 46,XY male-to-female sex reversal syndrome, secondary to a duplication in DAX-1, possibly inherited of maternal gonadal mosaicism. Copy number variation and functional effects of the duplication were done by MLPA multiplex ligation-dependent probe amplification and real time PCR. DAX-1, also known as dosage sensitive sex reversal gene (DSS), is considered the most likely candidate gene involved in XY gonadal dysgenesis when overexpressed. The excess of DAX-1 gene disturbs testicular development by down regulation of SF-1, WT1, and SOX9. This is the first report of 46,XY sex reversal in two siblings who have a maternally inherited duplication of DAX-1 associated with reduced levels of expression of downstream genes as SOX9-SF1.


DAX-1,DSD,Disorders of sex development,Gonadoblastoma,Sex reversal syndrome,Simple gonadal dysgenesis,

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