Gills CYP1A of Oncorhynchus mykiss as a sensitive biomarker of crude oil pollution in freshwater environments.


INIBIOMA - CONICET, Argentina. Electronic address: [Email]


The induction of CYP1A activity (EROD) and protein expression was compared in liver and gills of rainbow trout from a stream polluted with crude oil, and through laboratory exposures to 1% and 5% of water accommodated fraction of the crude oil (WAF) for 1 and 4 days. Gills EROD increased 1.6-2.7-fold in fish from the polluted stream and during experiments, while liver EROD was induced only by 1% WAF at day 1 (1.5-fold). Contrastingly, crude oil pollution strongly induced both liver and gills CYP1A protein expression in the field (14-36-fold) and in experiments (4-25-fold). This highlights that crude oil induced CYP1A activity markedly in gills but only slightly or not at all in the liver, suggesting that differences between organ EROD activities are related to the modulation of CYP1A enzyme activity but not to the regulation at transcriptional or translational levels.


CYP450,Petroleum pollution,Rainbow trout,