High-throughput screening of toxic substances by extractive electrospray ionization mass spectrometry and their identification via databank construction.


Jiangxi Key Laboratory for Mass Spectrometry and Instrumentation, East China University of Technology, Nanchang, 330013, Jiangxi, China. [Email]


More than 200 toxic substances (including narcotic drugs, psychotropic drugs, organic phosphorus compounds, carbamates, pyrethroids and other pesticides, veterinary drugs, rodenticides, natural toxins, and other drugs) were identified and quantified using an ion-trap mass spectrometer. The advantages of this technique-its selectivity, accuracy, precision, utilization of only small amounts of the sample, and short analysis time for a single sample (less than 30s)-render it a rapid and accurate methodology for toxin screening. Subsequently, an extractive electrospray ionization (EESI) mass spectrometry database was established by combining the Xcalibur data processing system with NIST database software. This allowed unknown toxicants in urine and blood samples, stomach contents, and liver samples, as provided by the Jiangxi Provincial Public Security Department, to be analyzed and identified. This EESI methodology and databank has the potential for widespread application to the large-scale analysis of practical samples. Graphical abstract ᅟ.