Impact of the mother-nurse partnership programme on mother and infant outcomes in paediatric cardiac intensive care unit.


College of Nursing, Mo-Im Kim Nursing Research Center, Yonsei University Seoul, Republic of Korea. Electronic address: [Email]


OBJECTIVE : To identify the effects of a mother-nurse partnership programme based on the core components of information sharing, negotiation and participation in care. Specifically, we examined the programme's effects on parental satisfaction, parental self-efficacy, perceived partnership and anxiety, as well as infants' time to reach full oral feeding and length of postoperative hospital stay, following cardiac surgery on infants at a paediatric intensive care unit with a restrictive visiting policy.
UNASSIGNED : Quasi-experimental study. An analysis of covariance was used to investigate between-group differences while ensuring homogeneity.
METHODS : A paediatric cardiac ICU.
METHODS : Parental satisfaction, parental self-efficacy, perceived partnership and anxiety.
RESULTS : Data from 37 and 36 mothers in the control and experimental groups respectively, were analysed. Compared with controls, experimental group mothers reported significantly higher parental satisfaction (F = 39.29, p < .001), parental self-efficacy (F = 7.45, p = .008), perceived partnership (F = 62.30, p < .001) and lower anxiety (F = 12.93, p < .001), upon transfer to the ward. Infant outcomes did not differ between the groups.
CONCLUSIONS : This programme appears to facilitate collaboration between nurses and mothers and positively influences mothers' emotional and cognitive outcomes following infants' cardiac surgery.


Congenital heart defects,Mother–nurse partnership programme,Parental participation in care,Parental satisfaction,Parental self-efficacy,

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