Influence of lipid composition on the ability of liposome loaded voacamine to improve the reversion of doxorubicin resistant osteosarcoma cells.


CNR-Istituto per i Sistemi Biologici, Via Salaria km 29.300, 00016, Monterotondo Scalo (RM), Italy. Electronic address: [Email]


The plant alkaloid voacamine (VOA) displays many interesting pharmacological activities thus, considering its scarce solubility in water, its encapsulation into liposome formulations for its delivery is an important goal. Different cationic liposome formulations containing a phospholipid, cholesterol and one of two diasteromeric cationic surfactants resulted able to maintain a stable transmembrane difference in ammonium sulfate concentration and/or pH gradient and to accumulate VOA in their internal aqueous bulk. The fluidity of the lipid bilayer affects both the ability to maintain a stable imbalance of protons and/or ammonium ions across the membrane and the entrapment efficiency. It was shown that VOA loaded into liposomes is more efficient than the free alkaloid to revert resistance of osteosarcoma cells resistant to doxorubicin to an extent depending on their composition.


Gemini amphiphile,Liposomes,Multidrug resistance,Stereochemistry,Voacamine,

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