Interest of pharmacoepidemiology for the study of psychotropic drugs.


Service de pharmacologie médicale et clinique, centre de pharmacovigilance, pharmacoépidémiologie et d'informations sur le médicament, centre hospitalier universitaire, faculté de médecine, 31000 Toulouse, France; Unité clinique de pharmacologie psychiatrique, faculté de médecine, centre hospitalier universitaire, 31000 Toulouse, France; UMR 1027 pharmacoepidemiology, assessment of drug utilization and drug safety, Inserm, University Paul-Sabatier-Toulouse III joint research unit, 31000 Toulouse, France; CIC 1436, centre hospitalier universitaire, 31000 Toulouse, France. Electronic address: [Email]


In psychiatry, drug evaluation using pharmacoepidemiological methods has been of growing interest in recent decades. Studies based on observational databases are particularly useful for psychotropic drugs due to their important prevalence in populations, and their use over long period. The authors discussed the specific interest of pharmacoepidemiological studies in the field of psychiatry through two examples: first, the use of antidepressants, and, second, the risks associated with antipsychotics.


Antidepressants,Antipsychotics,Drug risk,Drug safety,Drug use,Pharmacoepidemiology,Pharmacovigilance,Psychotropics,