Leukoencephalopathy due to variants in GFPT1-associated congenital myasthenic syndrome.


From the Murdoch Children's Research Institute (G.H., C.S.), Parkville, Melbourne; Institute for Molecular Bioscience (G.H., J.C., C.S.), the University of Queensland, Brisbane, Australia; Neurology Division (S.S., B.P., P.J.), Department of Pediatrics, Lady Hardinge Medical College, New Delhi, India; Division of Neurology (P.J.), Department of Pediatrics, the Hospital for Sick Children, Toronto, Canada; Data61 (S.J.B.), Commonwealth Scientific and Industrial Research Organisation, Brisbane, Australia; Hôpital Marin (J.A.U.), Centre Neuromusculaire, Filnemus, Hendaye, France; Department of Pathology (R.K.S.), G.B. Pant Hospital, New Delhi, India; Illumina, Inc. (R.J.T.), San Diego, CA; Department of Child Neurology (M.S.v.d.K.), Emma Children's Hospital, Amsterdam University Medical Centers, Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam and Amsterdam Neuroscience; and Department of Functional Genomics (M.S.v.d.K.), Neuroscience Campus Amsterdam, the Netherlands. [Email] [Email]


To determine the molecular etiology of disease in 4 individuals from 2 unrelated families who presented with proximal muscle weakness and features suggestive of mitochondrial disease.