Mechanically Robust and Repairable Superhydrophobic Zinc Coating via a Fast and Facile Method for Corrosion Resisting.


School of Materials Science and Engineering, Nanchang Hangkong University, Nanchang 330063, China. [Email]


Zinc coatings and superhydrophobic surfaces have their own characteristics in terms of metal corrosion resistance. Herein, we have prepared a robust and repairable superhydrophobic zinc coating (SZC) based on a widely commercially available cold galvanized paint via a fast (within 10 min) and facile process for corrosion resistance. Specifically, the cold galvanized paint was sprayed onto the iron substrate, followed by acetic acid (HAc) etching and stearic acid (STA) hydrophobizing. The as-obtained sample was coded as Fe-Zn-HAc-STA and possessed an apparent contact angle of 168.4 ± 1.5° as well as a sliding angle of 3.5 ± 1.2°. The Fe-Zn-HAc-STA sample was mechanically durable and easily repairable. After being ultrasonicated in ethanol for 100 min, the superhydrophobicity was still retained. The Fe-Zn-HAc-STA sample lost its superhydrophobicity after being abraded against sandpaper with a load of 100 g and regained its superhydrophobicity after HAc etching and subsequent STA hydrophobizing. The corrosion resistance of the SZC was investigated by immersing the Fe-Zn-HAc-STA sample into the static or dynamic aqueous solution of NaCl (3.5 wt.%) and the lasting life of the entrapped underwater air layer (EUAL) was roughly determined by the turning point at the variation curve of surface wettability against immersion time. The lasting life of the EUAL iwas 8 to 10 days for the SZC in the static NaCl solution and it decreased sharply to 12 h in a dynamic one with the flow rate of 2 and 4 m/s. This suggests that the superhydrophobic surface provided extra corrosion protection of 8 to 10 days or 12 h to the zinc coating. We hope that the SZC may find its practical application due to the facile and fast fabrication procedure, the good mechanical durability, the easy repairability, and the good corrosion protection.


cold galvanized coating,durability,superhydrophobic,zinc-rich coating,