Methylation-dependent Tissue Factor Suppression Contributes to the Reduced Malignancy of IDH1-mutant Gliomas.


Department of Neurological Surgery, Northwestern University, Chicago, Illinois. [Email]


Gliomas with isocitrate dehydrogenase 1 mutations (IDH1mut) are less aggressive than IDH1 wild-type (IDH1wt) gliomas and have global genomic hypermethylation. Yet it is unclear how specific hypermethylation events contribute to the IDH1mut phenotype. Previously, we showed that the gene encoding the procoagulant tissue factor (TF), F3, is among the most hypermethylated and downregulated genes in IDH1mut gliomas, correlating with greatly reduced thrombosis in patients with IDH1mut glioma. Because TF also increases the aggressiveness of many cancers, the current study explored the contribution of TF suppression to the reduced malignancy of IDH1mut gliomas.Experimental Design: TF expression was manipulated in patient-derived IDH1mut and IDH1wt glioma cells, followed by evaluation of in vitro and in vivo behavior and analyses of cell signaling pathways.