MiR-3150b inhibits hepatocellular carcinoma cell proliferation, migration and invasion by targeting GOLPH3.


Department of Gastroenterology, Xi'an XD Group Hospital, Xi'an, China [Email]


BACKGROUND : In this study, we aimed to explore the potential involvement of miR-3150b in hepatocellular carcinoma (HCC) carcinogenesis.
METHODS : The expression of miR-3150b and Golgi phosphoprotein 3 (GOLPH3) was determined in HCC cell lines. Cell proliferation, migration and invasion were estimated by Cell Counting Kit-8, wound healing and Transwell assays. The association between miR-3150b and GOLPH3 was verified by luciferase assay.
RESULTS : MiR-3150b was downregulated, while GOLPH3 was remarkably upregulated in HCC cells. Furthermore, miR-3150b inhibited HCC cell proliferation, migration and invasion. MiR-3150b directly targeted and negatively regulated GOLPH3.
CONCLUSIONS : MiR-3150b suppressed HCC cell proliferation, invasion and migration by targeting GOLPH3.


Golgi phosphoprotein 3,hepatocellular carcinoma,miR-3150b,migration,proliferation,

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