[Minimally Invasive Technologies in Surgery of the Chest Wall in Children].


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Today, in our country, as well as throughout the world, there is no single approach to the tactics of managing patients with deformations of the anterior chest wall. These patients constitute a large and heterogeneous group. The team acquired great experience in treating children with pectus excavatum and pectus carinatum, as well as a unique experience in the surgical treatment of pediatric thoracic outlet syndrome and sternum clefts. Now in the world there are a lot of surgical methods used for the correction of congenital deformities of the chest wall, however, the majority of them are extremely traumatic for the patient, and the postoperative scar often presents a minor cosmetic problem than the deformation itself. In addition, almost all methods require the use of expensive technologies, the patient's long hospital stay and the use of potent drugs. As for the children with thoracic outlet syndrome and sternum clefts, these patients are extremely difficult in terms of timely diagnosis and surgical care, due to the fact that pediatric surgeons and pediatricians are very little aware of this pathology. The team of authors developed a number of techniques, based on the collaborative work of surgeons, anesthesiology and resuscitation specialists and pediatric services. They resulted in successful surgical correction of these malformations and gave patients the opportunity to lead a normal life.


chest wall,cleft,congenital malformations,deformation,pectus carinatum,pectus excavatum,sternum,thoracic outlet syndrome,

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