Myotomy length informed by high-resolution esophageal manometry (HREM) results in improved per-oral endoscopic myotomy (POEM) outcomes for type III achalasia.


Department of Surgery, Baystate Medical Center, University of Massachusetts Medical School, 759 Chestnut Street, Springfield, MA, 01199, USA. [Email]


High-resolution esophageal manometry (HREM) is essential in characterizing achalasia subtype and the extent of affected segment to plan the myotomy starting point during per-oral endoscopic myotomy (POEM). However, evidence is lacking that efficacy is improved by tailoring myotomy to the length of the spastic segment on HREM. We sought to investigate whether utilizing HREM to dictate myotomy length in POEM impacts postoperative outcomes.


Eckardt score,High-resolution esophageal manometry,Per-oral endoscopic myotomy,Type III achalasia,