Novel Lesional Transcriptional Signature Separates Atherosclerosis With and Without Diabetes in Yorkshire Swine and Humans.


Haemmig S(#)(1), Hashemi Gheinani A(#)(2)(3), Zaromytidou M(1), Siasos G(1), Coskun AU(1), Cormier MA(1), Gross DA(1), Wara AKMK(1), Antoniadis AP(1), Sun X(1), Sukhova GK(1), Welt FGP(4), Andreou I(1), Whatling C(5), Gan LM(5), Wikström J, Edelman ER(1)(6), Libby P(1), Stone PH(1), Feinberg MW(1).
Author information:
(1)Department of Medicine, Cardiovascular Division, Brigham and Women's Hospital
(S.H., M.Z., G.S., A.U.C., M.A.C., D.A.G., A.K.W., A.P.A., X.S., G.K.S., I.A., E.R.E., P.L., P.H.S., M.W.F.), Harvard Medical School, Boston, MA.
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(C.W., L.-M.G., J.W.).
(6)Institute for Medical Engineering and Science, Massachusetts Institute of Technology, Cambridge
(#)Contributed equally


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