Novel Liposome Aggregate Platform (LAP) system for sustained retention of drugs in the posterior ocular segment following intravitreal injection.


Laboratory of Optics and Vision, Department of Medicine, University of Crete, Heraklion, Greece. Electronic address: [Email]


A novel Liposome Aggregate Platform (LAP) system for prolonged retention of drugs in the posterior eye segment after intravitreal injection (IVT) was developed and evaluated. Calcein, FITC-dextran-4000 (FD4) and Flurbiprofen (FLB), were encapsulated in negatively charged liposomes, and mixed with protamine to produce the LAP. The lipid/protamine ratio was fixed, in order to have a convenient aggregation rate permitting IVT injection and also a sustained release of liposome-entrapped molecules (in vitro) from LAP. In vitro release studies confirmed the potential of LAP system consisted of HPC/DPPG/Chol liposomes and protamine (at 1:1 w/w to lipid), to delay calcein, FD4 and FLB release, compared to free liposomes. In vivo studies demonstrated increased vitreous retention of liposomes and LAP for all molecules, compared to the corresponding solutions; however the retention of FD4 is similar for non-aggregated liposomes and LAP, and calcein retention is only slightly increased by LAP compared to liposomes. The later result may be connected with the visible ocular inflammation caused by both dyes; interestingly inflammation was moderately reduced when dyes were entrapped in liposomes and even more when in LAP. No visible inflammation was demonstrated for FLB, and the LAP system significantly increased the retention of FLB in the ocular tissues (compared to non-aggregated liposomes). Taking into account the capability of the novel LAP system to decrease inflammatory reactions towards calcein and FD4, and prolong the retention of FLB in ocular tissues, it is concluded that such systems, after further optimization, may be considered as promising effective and safe approaches for treatment of posterior segment ocular pathologies.


Aggregate,Calcein,FD4,Flurbiprofen,Injection,Intraocular,Intravitreal,Liposome,Protamine,Release,Retina,Surface charge,

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