On-field Management of Shoulder and Elbow Injuries in Baseball Athletes.


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OBJECTIVE : The goal of this review article is to help medical personnel of all levels and backgrounds identify and appropriately manage on-field acute shoulder and elbow injuries in the baseball athlete. This article discusses the most common acute shoulder and elbow injuries in baseball players along with recommendations for appropriate on-field management.
RESULTS : Shoulder and elbow injuries are very common in baseball players and can be problematic because of the unique demands placed on the shoulder and elbow during the throwing and swinging motions. While many shoulder and elbow injuries in baseball players are chronic, some acute injuries, including dislocations and fractures, require urgent on-field management. Evaluation should begin with a broad assessment to rule out life-threatening emergencies prior to performing a neurovascular evaluation of the affected extremity. Red-flag signs during examination, such as difficulty breathing, asymmetric pulses, weakness, and limb discoloration, require emergent treatment. In the absence of an emergency, the evaluating medical team should complete a basic neurovascular exam before performing any further on-field care. Contusions, dislocations, and fractures are the most commonly seen acute shoulder and elbow injuries in baseball athletes. Athletic trainers and physicians caring for these athletes should be familiar with these injuries and their appropriate on-field management.


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