Oral pulse granuloma and oral pulse granuloma associated with odontogenic keratocyst: Two clinical cases and a review of the literature.


Universidad Complutense de Madrid, Private Practice, Madrid, Spain. Electronic address: [Email]


Two cases of oral pulse granuloma (OPG) or vegetable granuloma (VG) are presented, one of which was concomitant with an odontogenic keratocyst (OKC), which is an unusual finding. OKC is characterized by the presence of hyaline rings which include vessels, giant cells, other inflammatory cells and collagen fibres. There are two hypotheses as to its histogenesis: firstly, as a reaction to vegetable matter, such as legumes (thus the nomenclature "pulse" or edible seed) and secondly as a degenerative change in the vessel walls as a result of localized vasculitis. Due to the deceptive appearance of OPG, diagnosis can be challenging.


Anillo hialino,Células gigantes,Giant cell,Granuloma oral pulse,Granuloma vegetal,Hyaline ring,Odontogenic keratocyst,Oral pulse granuloma,Queratoquiste odontogénico,Vegetable granuloma,