Owen Fennema: Food Chemist Extraordinaire.


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Periodically someone comes into a field and forces a change in direction, a paradigm shift. Owen Fennema was such a person in food science and technology. When he started his academic career, curricula in food science and technology had courses describing how to process plant produce and animal tissue into safer food with an extended shelf life. The "why" was often overlooked. Owen changed all that. He participated in and greatly contributed to a paradigm shift in teaching food science by editing one of the most important textbook series in food science and technology. In addition, his research on water and ice as they impacted the chemical, physical, and biological characteristics of plant and animal tissues extended the bounds of knowledge. He did the same for edible bilayers with research done in his laboratory. Who was this man, and how could he have such impact? Hopefully, this review provides some insights into Owen Fennema, Renaissance man.


Owen Fennema,edible films,food chemistry,food processing,food science,gas hydrates,