Patient-generated subjective global assessment predicts cachexia and death in patients with head, neck and abdominal cancer: A retrospective longitudinal study.


Serviço de Nutrição e Dietética do Hospital de Câncer I, Instituto Nacional de Câncer José Alencar Gomes da Silva, Praça da Cruz Vermelha, 23, Centro, 20230-130, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. Electronic address: [Email]


Cancer is a complex disease, with poor prognosis when associated with malnutrition. This condition can lead to Cancer Cachexia (CC), a syndrome characterized by loss of muscle mass with or without fat loss, often associated with higher risk of death. Although there are recommended screening tools to assess nutritional status in cancer patients, such as Patient-Generated Subjective Global Assessment (PG-SGA), little is known about CC prediction. The aim was to investigate the association between nutritional status of patients with head, neck and abdominal cancer, assessed by PG-SGA at the day of hospitalization, with CC, hospitalization time and death.


Abdominal cancer,Cachexia,Head and neck cancer,Malnutrition,Nutritional assessment,PG-SGA,

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