Perfluoroalkylative pyridylation of alkenes via 4-cyanopyridine-boryl radicals.


Key Laboratory of Mesoscopic Chemistry of Ministry of Education , Institute of Theoretical and Computational Chemistry , School of Chemistry and Chemical Engineering , Nanjing University , Nanjing , 210093 , P. R. China . Email: [Email]


A metal-free and photo-free method for the perfluoroalkylative pyridylation of alkenes has been developed via a combination of computational and experimental studies. Density functional theory calculations and control experiments indicate that the homolysis of Rf-X (X = Br, I) bonds by the 4-cyanopyridine-boryl radicals in situ generated from 4-cyanopyridine and B2pin2 is the key step. Sequential addition of Rf radicals to alkenes and the selective cross-coupling of the resulting alkyl radicals and 4-cyanopyridine-boryl radicals gives alkene difunctionalization products with a quaternary carbon center. This method exhibits a broad substrate scope and good functional group compatibility.