Preparation of Prussian Blue Containing Polymeric Nanocapsule via Interfacial Confined Coordination in Crosslinked Inverse Miniemulsion.


Anhui Key Laboratory of Functional Coordination Compounds, School of Chemistry and Chemical Engineering, Anqing Normal University, Anqing, Anhui 246011, China. [Email]


This work presents a simple and facile strategy for the creation of Prussian blue containing polymeric nanocapsules. An crosslinked inverse miniemulsion with a formula of water/ K₄Fe(CN)₆/1,2-bis-(-2-iodoethyl) ethane(BIEE)/ toluene/ PDMAEMA-b-PS stabilizer mixture was prepared as soft template firstly. A crosslinking nanocapsule structure with K₄Fe(CN)₆ in water core could be achieved by a crosslinking reaction between PDMAEMA-b-PS stabilizers and BIEE. Upon the following addition of FeCl₃ ether solution into the oil phase of this inverse miniemulsion, a coordination reaction between two iron salts occurred immediately to form a Prussian blue complex. Due to the solubility limitation of FeCl₃ in the oil phase of the miniemulsion, forcing the coordination reaction of K₄Fe(CN)₆ and FeCl₃ mainly occurred at the oil-water interface of the nanocapsules, resulting in a soft polymer/Prussian blue(PB) hybrid nanocapsule.


Prussian blue,coordination,inverse miniemulsion,polymeric hybrid nanocapsule,

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